.aup file type conflict

Windows: XP
Trying to use the latest Audacity
I use a video editor which uses .aup as its file type for its work files. When I try to install the latest Audacity, it “claims” all my Video Editor’s aup files as Audacity files. Hence the Video Editor cannot recognise my video work files. Is there any way that two aup files can co-exist? One for my video editor and one for Audacity? Or Can Audacity let the user to specify the file type to suit his/her environment at the installation time?

Thanks in advance


What is the three-section version number from Help > About Audacity?

Which video editor is that?

Only one application can be the default program associated with a particular filetype (meaning that when you double-click that file type, that program opens).

The Audacity installer no longer allows you to choose to associate AUP with Audacity or not, so automatically takes the association with AUP.

If you want your video editor to be associated with AUP, the you can change the association in Windows so that the video editor is the default program for AUP. You can then right-click over an AUP file, Open With > Choose Program, select Audacity but leave “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” unchecked.

Then you can double-click an AUP to open it in the video editor, but right-click > Open With > Audacity to open it with Audacity.

Probably you will want to save the Audacity and video editor AUP’s in different folders so you know which type is which.


=> yes, but it is not convenient as I want to keep all the relevant data for a video production in one place for easy maintenance.
Can you get that features (a prompt at installation time) back for the next release?

Thanks for your advice.

I doubt it. The prompt was removed because our users sometimes removed the AUP association in error. Aviutil seems to be a hard-to-set-up program (if you want it in English) that is relatively little known.

So I would change the AUP association as I described to aviutil, then from 2.0.5 onwards, use the zip of Audacity instead.


As you suggested in your first reply, further investigation reveals that first explicitly associating aviutl aup files with aviutl, then install Audacity. aviutl aup files were not taken over by Audacity. When editing audio files e.g mp3 files and saving it, the aup file is associated with aviutl. but “Open with” Audacity did the trick. I suppose vice versa is also true. So this means I will only know what file it is by just trying to open it with either software. If fails, it must be the other one’s aup file.

Yep, aviutl is fairly minority software used by die-hard users in Japan. It’s quite raw. its main use is not video editing, but 3D animation and graphical stuff as well as enabling users to write his own scripts/macros. But I don’t know other video editors so …

Thanks. Joe

Yes I can confirm that on Windows 7. I’m a little surprised that Audacity did not take over the association, but it doesn’t, even if you install an older version and explicitly choose to associate AUP with Audacity. Some installers would take over an existing association.

If you can arrange text preview in your file manager you can tell. For example you could use Xplorer2 instead which has text preview.