aup. file turned text, no audio sound

Hi I have received an .aup file that is if i open it directly, only text. I show below an example. If I convert it to mp3 I get a mail voice reading this text. while it should be a female english audio.

If I try to import it in my audacity it says project missing. Is there anywhere I could get the original audio back knowing we have NO access to the original project.

This is what I get when open the .aup, <?xml version="1.0" standalone="no" ?>


It probably says that the “project data folder” is missing.

There are two parts to an Audacity project. There is a project “_data” folder that contains the audio data, and a “project file” (.AUP) that contains instructions to tell Audacity how to assemble the audio data to create the project. You have the instruction but not the audio.

The audio was in the project _data folder. Without that folder you have no audio.

For future reference, this page of the manual explains all you need to know about Audacity projects:

thanks a lot, it is lost tthan thanks…