Aup file doesn´t find tracks of data folder

I am using Audacity 2.3.3 version on Windows 10. I try to explain my problem in English as clear as I can.
I tried to open old aup files that I have uploaded to Google Drive from my parents´ computer. When downloading from Drive, data folder is saved like this: I unzipped data folders and removed -20200328T212935Z-001 from file name. Now data and aup files are on same folder with same name. When I open the aup file, “Warning - Missing Audio Data Block File(s)” appears. This happens with all aup files I downloaded from Drive, even though all short aup files in _data folder work and sound just fine when opened separately in Audacity. I don´t undestand what is missing between data folders and aup files to cause this.

When aup file is opened, tracks are on right places but they are all silent. And as I said data folder track pieces can be played separately in Audacity so problem isn’t that they (audio) were missing or something like that.

Please attach the .AUP file from the to your reply (see:

Hi Steve!
Here is the aup file I mentioned.
demo3…valmis.aup (78.8 KB)


It’s generally considered best to avoid dots in file names, other than the dot before the file extension. The dots probably won’t be a problem in this case, but in some situations they can be a problem.

According to the AUP file, the project’s data file should be called: “demo3…valmis_data
Is that the name of the data folder that you have?

Yes it is. I know aup file and data folder regognize each other ‘cause when I change the name either one aup file won’ t be able to open at all.

Do you still have the ZIP file?
If so, please try again unzipping the file and opening the AUP with Audacity. Make a note of all messages that Audacity pops up.