.aup File Corrupted?

I was in the middle of editing a 40+ layer project that I recorded in Audacity when the application suddenly crashed. This was not the first time it had done this while editing this project, so I restarted the application. When I went to open my project, however, it gave me an error.
Immediately, I closed the project. I did not save the silent files. (Which means that the last save on my project still has the music files.)
Then I began trying to fix it. I did everything I could think of, I restarted the application, I restarted my device, nothing worked. I started to do the pinned audio repair method before I realized that my Audacity was version 2.4.1 and got nervous that it wouldn’t work. I can keep going if needed, but if I read the post right, it won’t work.
I saw someone else used a .txt file to figure out their issues, so I saved a version of that. I’ll attach it here.
Woe to the People of Order - Technoblade’s War Ballad (Cover) text.txt (527 KB)
If anyone could help me out with this, that would be much appreciated. I recorded the files within Audacity and didn’t export them, so I don’t believe there are any separate .wav files. I’m praying my project isn’t completely lost. :cry:

Addition: Just realized the project is only about 527kb big. My fears are growing. ^^’

Try selecting “Treat missing audio as silence (this session only)” to see how much of the project is missing. Any good tracks may be exported as WAV files and then used in a new project.

AUP files are always quite small. In versions of Audacity before 3.0.0, the audio data is in a separate folder. In the case of your project, that folder is:
“Woe to the People of Order - Technoblade’s War Ballad (Cover)_data”

If the entire project is empty, the problem may be due to the “'” in the file name. I’m not overly optimistic, but if that’s the problem then there’s a chance of recovering the project. Let me know what happens.

Thank you so much for your reply. The entire file is corrupted, there were zero tracks I could pull from the project. One thing that happened when I told it to treat missing audio as silence is that it told me there were 208 orphan block files. For the purposes of checking the audio, I said continue without deleting and ignore the files for this session, but I don’t know if this means/helps anything. Figured I should mention it either way.

I was nervous about trying it on the original, so I made a copy of the file folder and the project. I took the apostrophe’s out of both titles, as well as backing out a space that had somehow been placed after “(Cover)” and replacing it with a period (“(Cover).data”) for the folder. The file is still showing as corrupted. Does this mean there’s really nothing I can do? ^^’

I suppose the main thing I’m confused on is why I can’t roll back to a previous save of the project. Since I never saved the silent files, I assumed that the last backed-up save would have been the one with audio files. But I don’t know very much about how Audacity works, so I’m not sure if that’s even possible.

Again, thanks for your help. I’m willing to do anything I can to try and get it back–I really don’t want to have to rerecord 40+ layers! ^^’

What size is the “_data” folder?

How long are the 40 tracks? (so that we can work out approximately how big the _data folder should be)

The data folder is 684mb (689mb on disk). The whole recording was about 6 minutes long, most of the layers were double-ups.

As a rule of thumb, 1 minute, 1 channel at 44100 Hz sample rate, 32-bit float, is around 10 MB. So you’ve got over an hour of audio data in that _data folder.

The audio data in the _data folder is stored in blocks (each with the file extension “.au”).

An “orphan” block file is a block of audio data in a project’s _data folder that is not referenced in the “.aup” project file. It is the “.aup” file that tells Audacity where to put each block of data.

Block files are usually about 1MB, so of the 684 MB of data, there’s around 208 MB of data that Audacity does not know what to do with.

From this information I would expect that around 2/3rds of the project to have audio data, but you say “The entire file is corrupted, there were zero tracks I could pull from the project.”, which I find a bit confusing. Do you mean that all of the tracks have gaps where data is missing, or that all of the tracks are entirely silent?

(The chances of recovery are not looking good :frowning:)

Ah, gotcha. The orphan block files thing makes more sense now, thank you!
Yes, all of the files were completely silent. ^^’ The tracks were still listed in the project, but none of them had any audio whatsoever.

Unfortunately I’m thinking that this is a lost cause.

Note that the current version of Audacity is 3.1.3.
Since Audacity 3.0.0, the project format changed, so now the project is entirely contained in a single “.AUP3” file.
Audacity 3.1.3 also has an option to save a backup copy of a project (use this regularly): “File menu > Save Project > Backup Project”.

Note that Audacity cannot use old “FAT” formatted drives, so if you want to backup to a USB memory stick, format it to NTFS.

Yeah, I figured. Thank you so much for your help and explanations, it helped a lot. I’d already planned on updating once I finished this project (I didn’t realize there was a new version), and so all this does is push it up in my priority list. XD Thank you!

When you install 3.1.3 you will get the option to be notified if and when a new version becomes available when you run Audacity.

See: Application Preferences - Audacity Manual
and note that this preference is “on” by default - but you get a dialog on installation enabling you to turn it off there and then.