aup file and _data file not recognizing each other.

Windows 10. Version 2.1.2. We recorded a song at one house on one laptop. Now I want to work on the song at a different house on a second laptop. I have the .aup file and the _data file and they both have the same name. But when I open the file to work on it, it says it can’t find the _data file, or my tracks are there but they are full of silence. Thank you.

Is the AUP file blank? Open it in a text editor (but don’t save anything).

Dig through that and note it says projname=" That should be the perfect name of your show.

Let us know.


Do they both have the same “original” name (the name that Audacity used when creating them)?

Post the AUP file as an attachment to your reply. (see:

It is a _data ‘‘folder’’, not a file.

Which is the latest error, can’t find the folder, or the tracks are empty?

When you were at the other house, did you import a file on the laptop there, and was it a WAV file? If so and you did not copy the WAV into the project, you will have to get the file from that laptop and put it on the current laptop in exactly the same sequence of folders that it was in on the other laptop.

As well as attaching the AUP file, please attach the log from Help > Show Log… top right of Audacity, as it appears after you try to open the AUP file. Please see how to attach files to forum posts.