auf file trouble. Cant recover

I had a folder with a bunch of files labeled b00001 through b000032 that I was trying to recover so that I could hear the audio. I used the audacity recovery utility and it recovered all the files from b000001 through b000020…but from b000021 and on remain unrecoverable. The first files were in a different folder and recovered well…but the remaining files wont recover. I thought that maybe the recovery utility might have needed all the files together at once…but now I cant undo what the recover did to the first files in order for me to lump them all together in the same folder and try the utility then.

Anyone know what I can do to recover the remaining files?


Why do you have those files? If you are using Audacity 1.2, we don’t offer technical support for it any longer. See the pink panel at the top of this page. 1.2 may crash on Vista and later when you press “Stop” after recording.

You can download the latest Audacity 2.0.5 here: .

The 1.2 Recovery Utility doesn’t delete the AU files from which it makes the recovery.wav file. Also it doesn’t need the naming sequence to start from a file numbered as “1”.

Check the names of the files b000021 and later that there is not a gap in the numbering sequence.

How many remaining files are there? If you only have another 12 AU files, you can drag them into Audacity then drag them into the correct order manually using Time Shift Tool (F5).

The 1.2 Recovery Utility does not like more than about 1000 files. If there are a lot of remaining files in other folders, try copying the AU files into different folders (no more than 1000 AU files per folder) then recover from each folder.