Audionote file format[SOLVED]

I use Audacity 2.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and I need to open, edit and export in MP3 format some .audionote files generated by the AudioNote app (Luminant Software Inc.).
I’ve found that it’s possible using Audacity reading and I tried importing the files as raw data but the result is unlistenable. What can I do? Please note that my original files have .audionote and not .CAF extension. Thanks.

CAF is a container format ( ) so Audacity’s ability to open it depends on the audio format that is inside the CAF file.

Import > Raw Data… is for uncompressed files, and it is probably unlikely that a note taking program would save uncompressed files.

You can try changing the extension to CAF or AIF and see what that does. If the file contains AAC audio then installing FFmpeg may allow Audacity to import the file.

Or try Garageband as the blog says ( see ).

If you need more help, please upload a sample file somewhere and give us the web address where we can download it. You can attach a file to the Forum up to 1 MB in size. Please see here for how to attach files .


Your remark on the probability my files were compressed has been determinant.
I’ve simply changed the extension from .audionote in .zip and, after unzipping, I found a .txt file, a .xml file and a .caf file.
Audacity has normally opened the .caf file and exported it in mp3 format saving more than 10MB in file size: great!
Thank you very much!