AudioBox USB 96

can the AudioBox USB 96 interface with a condenser mic be used with Audacity?

Im using Mojave

Do you already have the AudioBox USB 96 interface, or is this a “pre-sales question”?

I bought one but have been having trouble getting it working

Does it work at all? For example, are you able to play iTunes through it?

I finally got it working some… I discovered that I had a bad USB cable. I can now play iTunes, but when I run Audacity, I have to quit all other programs including my browser . I’m not at all happy with it so far. Would a Focusrite work better?

Why is that? What happens if your browser is open?

I have gotten messages when using Audacity that other software was using needed resources or that I had a slow external drive… since I have no drive other than the computer hooked up I presumed it was the former… my recordings are what I think is called “clipped”

Recording - Audacity Manual

Typically, the problem is [u]dropouts[/u]. That’s where something else hogs your system for a few milliseconds too long, your recording buffer overflows, and you get a glitch.

[u]Clipping[/u] is “overload” distortion. If it happens during digital recording it means your signal is too high and the analog-to-digital converter inside the AudioBox interface is trying to go higher than it can “count” with 24-bits. This happens before the computer sees the data.

Thank you! it definitely was Dropouts! Since an external drive was not in use, and I typically don’t have virus detection running, was this likely caused by my Browser other things like iCloud and/or Dropbox?.. Not being able to have a browser running would be a drag.