Audiobook Settings Help

Years ago, I found the best formatting list here on the forum and I’ve been using that and passing all my checks no problem. But I recently upgraded my computer, and of course along came the newest version of Audacity to be installed. So much seems different that I have no idea how to set things up like I had it on my old computer. Could anyone help me out? The settings are as follows:

Equalization > Select Curve: Low rolloff for speech, Length of filter: about 5000

RMS Normalize: Target RMS Level -20dB

Limiter: Soft Limit, 0, 0, -3.5dB, 10, No

I don’t know how to set this up in the newest version!

The new “Filter Curve EQ” effect has a preset for “Low rolloff for speech”. (Click on the “Manage” button, then select from the presets)

Use “Loudness Normalization” and select “RMS” as the type of Normalization.

The Limiter is unchanged in Audacity 3.0.0.

How many books have you published? Are you the writer? What was the last title you wrote and read?


Thank you, Steve. I’ll give that all a shot. It’s a good thing I’ll be starting with a brand-new book on the new version instead of picking up halfway through my current book!

Koz, I haven’t read any of my own books since I’m submitting to agents. These are from other authors on Amazon. I’ve read mainly for two authors, Samantha Bayarr and Julie Elizabeth Powell. The current book I’m working on is ‘Maisie’ by Julie Elizabeth Powell, and I read under the name Arden Black. This newest book I’ll be starting is by a new author I haven’t worked with before who’s never published an audiobook.

Absolutely. It is very highly recommended to use exactly the same setup from start to end.
I would also highly recommend spending as much time as possible just playing with the new tools before you start. Familiarity will save you a lot of time in the long run.