Audiobook cleanup

I have converted some audiobooks from cassette to PC but the narration on the voice is fuzzy and a slight echo on the end. Is there anyway to clean this up in audacity to make the narration sharp?


There’s probably not much you can do about those kinds of problems… Does the original tape sound like that or was there a problem with the digitizing? (It’s usually possible to get a nearly perfect digital copy of whatever you have.)

If it’s a problem with the digitizing/recording, how did you connect the tape player to the computer?

“Fuzziness” is sometimes distortion (clipping) and that can be fixed by lowering the level during recording (or by using the right connection).

If the echo/reverb is ONLY at the end, of course you can cut-off the end. But assuming it’s throughout the recording, it will sound worse if you cut-off at the end of each word/phrase.

If you recorded with a microphone, the reverb is probably normal “room sound” and you can prevent that by recording with a direct connection.