I have a 3 hour conversation recording. I have 2 sections (approx. 1/2 hour each) that I would like to transfer to CD or DVD for others to listen to.
Please explain to me how I can isolate the 2 sections and then lift them out (cut and paste), where they should be placed, and then how to burn onto a CD or DVD format.
I am using a Mac laptop.

Thank You!

You didn’t mention the deadline. Gotta be out the door by tomorrow, right? Find someone with experience on Audacity. If you’re starting from dead zero, there are a lot of pitfalls and gotchas between you and producing Audio CDs.

One standard Audio CD will play anywhere on earth, but will not hold any more show than 78 minutes. iTunes will work to produce your three CDs. Do you have three CD-R blanks?

Step by step is going to be so painful here. It’s basically explaining How To Edit between now and lunch.

Place labels at the top of the show, at the two break points and one at the end. Use the Zoom tools to place the labels accurately.

Drag-select each segment (the labels are magnetic) and File > Export Selected. Pick the default WAV format. Do that for all three segments, naming each one differently. Make sure to Export to your desktop. Don’t let Audacity do what it wants.

Drag each segment into iTunes. Create a playlist and drag each segment into the playlist. Select one of them and File > Burn Playlist To Disk. Only put a blank disk in the machine when iTunes says so. Repeat for the other two when iTunes is done.

Label with a felt marker or more fancy if you have a good printer.

[dusting off hands]

That’s all clear, right?


I’ll post the tools as I find them. Here’s the one for Zoom.

I live in three:

Command-F, Zoom Full
Command-3, Zoom out a little bit
Drag-select then Command-E, zoom to selection.

This is the long form:

More as I find them.

Create a Label:

Stop the cursor or click where you want a label. Tracks > Add Label… or the Mac shortcut, Command-B.


Did I frighten you? Our documentation tends to be exhaustive and complete which means it’s a good read by the fire with a hot cup of tea. Not so much for “out the door by five o’clock.”

Assuming, of course, you have a good place to put the fire.

The forum elves cover 'round the earth, so do post if/when you get stuck. You are also experiencing the five volume set, “How To Ride A Bicycle.” Once you get into it, it’s not that difficult, but the instructions can be stunning if you’ve never edited.


The following tutorial set is primarily about LP/tape conversion - but if you tune -in partway through much of it is entirely relevant to whay you are trying to do: