My Asus is running XP Pro and I have the recommended Audacity version loaded.
Am attempting to record Skype calls.
Can pick my audio but cannot pick up Skype audio.
Any advice on remedy to pick up Skype would be appreciated.

I presume that you mean “Audacity 1.3.13”? (you can check by looking in “help menu > About Audacity”. If you have an older version, you should update. The latest release is available from the official web site: )

Unfortunately that is normal and is due to the way that Skype controls the computer sound cards.
The best known solutions are to use specialist software such as “Pamela” or “Total Recorder” which are specifically designed to handle this.

An alternative solution is for both parties involved in the call to record their side of the conversation (with Audacity), then use Audacity to mix the two recordings together.