Audio working on video clip

It is possible to add a video track in different format as MP4, MOV, AVI in order to work on video with music?

It’s possible to rip the audio from a video in Audacity.

but Audacity does not edit video, just audio.

I do not mean an audio video track, but a video track to work on my music. Not to edit the video but to see it to work out to be able to sync music with video that after the soundtrack will be added to the video like in garage band where in one track you can see the video nute the audio track and work on the other track by recording whatever you want, instruments, loops, audio ect…

That would mean Audacity would need to recognize most common video formats and display them frame-perfect. Audacity can’t do that.


If you’re working separate sound, it’s insanely handy to start using clapboards or other sync features. That’s why you occasionally see a performer clap before they start. It doesn’t take a lot of trying to match lip sync free-hand to figure out how valuable that is.

“Camera Mark [bang]”