Audio units in Chains

Audacity 2.0.3
Mac 10.5.8 ppc

I want to use some Apple Audio Unit effects in Chains I create. Is this possible? When I go to " EDIT CHAINS" I don’t see any options for them.


Upgrade to the latest Audacity 2.1.0 from then you will be able to add Audio Units to a Chain.

Note that we will probably be dropping support for PPC Mac sometime in the near future.


Thanks Gale

I’m having trouble loading audio units on the PPC. (pls. see link below.) Has this issue been addressed? Will audio units work with chains in 2.0.6?

Sorry I forgot that. I heard no more about it, so I have asked again. However we had a lot of work to do for 2.1.0 to make Audio Units load on Yosemite so we would not want to compromise that.

No I’m afraid not. Audio Units in Chains was added in 2.1.0.


Thanks Gale

Even without the new effects, Audacity is a great program and personally I am very grateful to the Audacity Team for their hard work and dedication.

I wonder does anyone know of a 10 band graphic eq plugin for audacity with savable settings similar to the Apple AU Graphic EQ ?

Audacity has a 31-band graphic equializer in the shipped effects - go to Effect>Equalization and click the Graphic EQ radio button.

The use the Save/Manage Curves button abd the Select Curve dropdown menu

See this page in the Manual:

Will that do?


Does Audacity’s Graphic EQ have too many bands?

The problem you’ll have is finding one for your old hardware. There is a parametric graphic EQ for PPC Mac (VST) here: but it only has five bands. Otherwise I suggest you search KVR audio which has a comprehensive selection.


Thank You W C

This is not what I’m looking for. I want to redraw eq presets I created with a 10 band eq in another application and add them to my tracks in audacity. This works very well with the Apple AU Graphic EQ, but I can’t save them for future use. I have to redraw them every time I need them.

( Sorry about double posting, It won’t happen again)

Thanks Gale

A Great link. I will give this a try.

If you could use AU’s in Audacity 2.1.0, that version now supports AU import/export of presets and saving presets for use in Audacity only.


It’s ok, you’re not the first and you certainly won’t be last :wink: :sunglasses:

Thanks Gale,
Thanks w.c

Looks like I’m gonna have to upgrade to a newer Mac :frowning: