Audio tunnel tin sound won't fix.

This question has probably come up a zillion times, but I am going to ask this again. I am running a MacBook Pro 13 iOS Catalina. I have literally tried everything I can think of to have my audio recording come out lean. Every recording whether I try it in audacity, Zoom or Quicktime comes out sounding like it is in a tunnel. I am not sure how to go fixing this. I did read another another board to configure something about the ambience setting for the internal microphone. So I did that. It appears that I have a 2 channel system and not a four, which I read about on an apple board. Is there anyway to make my computer a 4 channel system so I can fix my tunnel/tin sound or is there something else I haven’t tried to fix the tunnel/tin. I’ve even played with the db and set it all at 6 and that does not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a huge project coming up and I need my audio to sound really good, from dialogue to music.

So I’m not a Mac guy, but until one appears, be aware that it is extremely difficult to record both sides of a Zoom meeting. And when someone finally does get it to work, BAM, Zoom goes and changes things on them. You best be would be to contact Zoom and arrange for them to make a recording for you. There is also a way to record using a third computer.

What are you trying to record? How are you recording it? What are the settings in Audacity’s Device toolbar? Can you post a short sample?
– Bill