Audio truncated

Hello guys,
I have a problem with audacity (well of course i do, otherwise i wont be here).
So basically my problem is, that whenever i put a certain audio file (in order to remove noises and lower volume) it comes out shorter.
what i mean by that, is that if i have a 15 min long audio, when i put it into audacity it comes up as 3 min or so.
I have edited files from the same reason many times, but with this certain file i cannot.
I need this audio for a gameplay i post to youtube, otherwise i would have just rerecorded it or something.
Can you help me?

I am using Windows 7, and audacity 2.0.5.

Does the pitch go up too, like talking chipmunks? That sound file may be in a format that Audacity doesn’t recognize. Do you have the FFmpeg software installed?


The only thing I can think of is, when you export, make sure to use File → Export. Do NOT use File → Export Selection.

If that doesn’t help, give us some more details - What format are you opening/exporting to? What effects are you using and what kinds of editing are you doing?

The file headers may be incorrect. If it’s a WAV file, try importing it using File > Import > Raw Audio… and if you don’t know what sample rate it is supposed to be, choose lower sample rates in the Import Raw dialogue until the speed and length are correct.