Audio Tracks always jump to the next track


I like to record my acoustic guitar tracks on 2 tracks, e.g., record the first 30 seconds on track 1, then switch to track 2 and time it to blend in for the next 30 seconds, then back to track 1 for the next 30 seconds, etc. I do this so that I don’t have to get it perfect for a, say, 4 minute song. However, whenever I try to record on a track that has already been recorded on (30 seconds further into the track), it automatically starts a new (3rd) track instead of letting me record within the existing track.

Anybody know how I can remedy this ? Dragging the new track files up to the track 1 is a pain in the ass, because then I have to align it perfectly so that it’s not out of sync.

I’m used to Digital Performer and Protools which allow such actions.

Thanks for any help.

  • Peter

You can continue to record at the end of any existing track with Append Record (Shift-R). Does that help?