Audio track slowdown for repair purpose


I’ve been using this great program Audacity on & off for a couple years, as needs arise, but am not an “advanced” user by any definition. I find the forums and the manual to be exceptional so can almost always find an answer to a question, but this time I’m stumped so would like to ask for some advice.

I’ve read about changing speed/tempo/pitch of a song, however what I’d like to do is to only temporarily slow down a song so I can fix a “blip”, then I’d want to return the song to the normal tempo to save as an mp3.

When I use the zoom tool the time-line goes by so fast I cannot find the precise micro-second where the blip occurs, so I think if I could considerably slow down the playback, I could closely watch the specific area and could thus better see it on Audacity’s digitally sampled audio track.

For example, let’s say I hear a blip in this line:

“there is a house in New Orleans”

If I could slow things down as the track plays, I might see the blip occurs between “a” and “house”:

ttthhheeerrreee iiisss aaa X hhhhooouuussseee iiinnn NNNeeewww OOOrrrllleeeaaannnsss"

Then if it could be repaired, I’d want to save the entire track in normal speed.

Is there any way to do that sort of temporary slowdown for an edit?

Many thanks for any suggestions…

Windows 7
Audacity 2.0.0

The Transcription Toolbar can do that.


Also you should update to the latest 2.0.6:


Thanks very much ~ that is exactly what I was hoping to find ~ what a great tool!


I’ll upgrade to 2.0.6 before I shut down for the evening ~ thanks for the direct link…