Audacity 2.1.2, Windows 10
By accident, I changed the colours on the audio track which had an effect on its use
I am requesting help on how to restore the audio track to it’s normal use and colours

Across the monitor screen,the audio track is bordered top and bottom with a yellow lines
Also across the screen, the left and right track areas are separated by a grey line
The left and right wave form areas are bordered with blue lines adjacent to the yellow and grey lines
The blue wave forms in both left and right tracks are in a white band which is about 50 percent of the area
The white bands are enclosed top and bottom with grey bands of equal size, each being about 25 percent of track area

Thank you for your help

Try pressing F1 on your computer keyboard to go back to selection tool.

You cannot remove the yellow focus border around the track.

If you see the track name in yellow and don’t want that, you can turn it off in Interface Preferences.