Audio track disappeared?

I was working on a project in audacity when I went to click “alt b” to add a label and I pressed another key (not sure which one was to busy concentrating) and my audio track at the top of the the page I was working on disappeared.

I went to undo but it would only allow me to undo the previous action I had made not the disappeared audio track?

I didn’t save the project which is why I am on here to spare a hour of work which I did not save in audacity.

Note: I updated to the latest version of audacity and still could not find out a solution to the problem.

Any help much appreciated.

Unless you have customised it, the shortcut for adding a label is Ctrl+B.

Perhaps you pressed Ctrl+Z? This is the default shortcut for “Undo”, so if you had just created the track Ctrl+Z would Undo it and the next Undo would be for the action preceding the track creation. The way to “undo an undo” is to “Redo”. “Redo” is in the Edit menu, immediately below “Undo”. On Windows I think the shortcut is Ctrl+Y.

Sorry for the mistake I meant I went to press “ctrl B”.

I am positive I didnt press “ctrl z” as it had not option to undo deleting of the track.

I think possibly what I did not do is look at the “redo” option and have then saved the project with out any way of redoing the action of deleting the track.