audio to audio recording

Hello, I am trying to record audio from a handheld gaming console onto the laptop using a audio to audio cord (a cord that has two headphone plugs). I’m not sure how the setting is supposed to be or what to really do. I’m really wanting to get clear sound recording where I won’t have to record using the speaker, but from the audio cord. I would like to be able to have it sound like it really was coming from the system when I play back the recording.

What kind of computer do you have? Connect the Headphone Out of the game console to the Stereo Line-In of the computer using that cable you have. If you have a Windows laptop, you may not have a Stereo Line-In and you may need to use an external USB sound adapter like the Behringer UCA202. This is a UCA202 between my mixer and my Windows laptop.

Mic-In is usually not very good for this because it’s not stereo and it overloads and distorts the sound very easily.

Some laptops have a method of converting one socket to Stereo, Consult your instructions.


Yeah, the type of computer I am using is a laptop. It’s a mac with bootcamp. Using the windows 7 part on it. I guess I really am also trying to find the cheapest method that would allow me to record with it being a clear sound. (a mic recording wouldn’t be good for this). Either that or I do have the ability to use a desktop computer if the sound ports on that is what I need.