audio tape to MP3

Hi , I’m using WinXP to transfer audio tapes to MP3 files on computer , but am getting over tracking or double tracking on the files . Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong or how I may correct this problem . Thanks .

Can you describe the symptoms in a little more detail? Are you hearing an echo? Are you hearing another song in the background? Are you hearing another song in reverse in the background?

And just to be clear… You’ve only recorded “one thing”, like one song or one side of the tape, and when you play it back in Audacity you get the problem?

Have you listened to the headphone/analog output from the tape player?

How is the tape player connected to the computer?

Are you recording one side or one song, then pressing Stop? If so the next song you record will be on a new track and they will play together as one.

If that is the problem, use the blue Pause button when you change the side or the song then use Pause again to resume recording. For the songs you have now, Zoom Out (CTRL + 3), change to Time Shift Tool (F5) and drag the songs so they come one after the other. Press F1 to go back to Selection Tool when you are done.