Audio synchrnization

Change tempo and change speed both effect is great.
But i used change tempo
Hindi audio is 2 minute less i used change tempo to match the eng audio length and it works

Now first spoken word in hin audio is 1 sec after than first spoken word in eng(i used timeline at larger zoom to analyze)
But at the end last soken word in hin is 1 sec earlier than last spoken word in eng now what should i do?
I think in hin 1 sec scene is missing in between movie.
And 15 minutes less hin audio than default eng movie is different and definately this going to be happen because hin audio source from vcr

Please stop posting about this problem in multiple topics. It is nothing to do with Audacity.

Please read this. If you try to fit audio from one film into another longer version of the same film, you will not be able to “synchronise” the video and the audio because the audio is meant for the shorter version of the film.

We will not help you with using video editors or video players to synchronise audio. We cannot see your computer and it is nothing to do with Audacity.