audio sync with labels

I’ve had this issue from the beginning - and can’t find any instructions how to fix it in the Manual. :unamused:

whenever I set the labels (on the labels track) underneath an audio track I am editing eg with some editing notes or markers, and then edit the audio track in a way that it changes its length hence the position on the timeline - the labels do NOT move with the now repositioned audio points they are supposed to be associated with.

I have to move them manually to the relevant points on the timeline which are now in the new locations.

Clearly, I’m doing something wrong or missing a sync step, as I can’t believe that the labels cannot be synced with the audio track (not the timeline itself).

I would be grateful for advice.

To “lock” the label track to an audio track, enable “Sync-Lock”

thank you so much! !!!

how could I have missed it…suffering for months in despair… :frowning:

I’m back.

I found a BIG problem.

Ths sync-lock is syncing not just the label track to the audio track right above it (which is what I was looking for) - but ALL TRACKS in the project!

as I work with multiple tracks and often have a label track underneath each of the voice tracks (up to 4), and continue editing my music track - I can’t have ALL of them to be moving in sync as this creates chaos in my workflow - only one label track with one audio track right above it.

Can this be done?..
to rephrase my question - can I sync-lock a label track to ONE specific audio track?

Have a read of this page from the Manual:

It explains (or at least I, as the editor of that page, hope it does) how to achieve multiple sync-locked groups each delimited by a label track - there is a picture on that page to aid understanding.


The short answer is : Yes, by adding another label track above the audio track, so as to form a “Sync-Lock Group” that has ONE audio track.

The full (longer) answer is to read the page that waxcylinder posted: Sync-Locked Track Groups - Audacity Manual

aha…many thanks! :sunglasses: :smiley: