audio suddenly drops in volume and quality after 20 secs

i am recording directly from a mixer into the microphone input ( phono to line in) the volume and quality drops drastically after between 20-50 seconds, and continues in this diminished way. it happens every time. i have also tried wavosaur with the same result. i tried reinstalling audacity but since it happened also in wavosaur it must be something else yes?
i am using the latest version of audacity for windows, exe version.
thanks! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Please see the pink panel at the top of the page and give us the exact version of Audacity and Windows.

Are you connected to a blue line-in on the computer where the computer also has a separate mic input? If you only have one audio input, it is not a proper line-level input meant for taking high level mixer output. It’s either a mono mic input, or a low quality “compatible” input that tries to detect stereo line-level signals when a stereo input is connected.

If you only have the one audio input then the reason for the fading behaviour is probably Windows enhancements for speech recording. See Audacity Manual.

You can buy a USB interface if necessary that gives you a proper stereo line-in: Missing features - Audacity Support.


hi and thanks for your input!
as i am a beginner i realised i had made a basic error -
i had not selected the correct recording device in the toolbar - i was on ‘microsoft sound mapper’ as opposed to ‘microphone’ -

  • the quality is still not great, probably because of what you said about it not being able to take the high output from the mixer but at least it does record uniformly and i minimise the peaking and crappy sound by having a low recording volume and low output from the mixer.
    thanks again :slight_smile:

Please bear in mind the above is our work in progress Manual for the next version of Audacity, so it won’t correspond to released versions of Audacity.

This is the best link to use Audacity Manual.