Audio Speech-Slicing time between Words

Audacity 2.1.2, OS X V10.10.2

I like to listen to a political analyst podcast (it has good content), but the guy frequently speaks so slowly (intentionally–for effect I might add) that I can’t bear to listen to his ponderous time lags between spoken words. I’m wondering if there is an effect in Audacity that will slice out the lag time in between words, while leaving the spoken words essentially unaltered?

The reason I’d like to do this is because he varies his speech a lot, meaning that he also speaks quickly at many times, and I don’t really want to speed those sections up…only cut out the longer ‘between-words’ time when he is in ‘plodding-speech’ mode.

If not, what would be the best effect for retaining the spoken-word qualities while speeding it up?

Cutting down the silence between words is possible by using truncate silence.

Alternatively try change tempo
double speed without changing pitch.png