Audio Sounds less rich than it used to

I’ve been recording for several months now and I notice that my current recordings sounds less rich, less warm, and slightly more tinny than they used to. I haven’t changed anything (that I’m aware of, that is).

What can I do to make this sound better?

Raw audio file attached, no corrections made.

Any help is appreciated!

Audacity version 3.1.0. Sorry!

less rich, less warm, and slightly more tinny

Much more like the built-in microphone of your laptop?

You can do a scratch test. Start a recording and gently scratch your production microphone and then your laptop microphone. You’ll need to research where your computer microphone is. Mine is on the left side to the left of the SHIFT key.

One of them is going to be super loud and that’s the one you’re recording.

Audacity will default to the built-in if it loses contact with the production microphone for any reason. You unplugged it while Audacity was running or the connection has become loose or damaged.

Audacity > Transport > Rescan Devices.

Click on the microphone pull-down in the menu bar and see how many devices are listed. Your microphone may not listed by name, but it’s pretty safe bet there’s more than one. Try the other one.

I’m guessing about a lot of this, but that’s a common cause for your symptoms.


Maybe you’re a bit further away from the mic than you used to be(?)

IMO there is processing on that: the hiss level drops when you are speaking (e.g. between 1 and 4 sec),
as if compression was applied.

If you are using an audio interface, that could have on-board compression.
or the computer could be applying audio enhancements before the sound reaches Audacity.
(e.g. Windows audio enhancements, RealTek, Maxx Audio).

Or you recently started using Skype or Zoom? They take over your sound pathways and you have nothing to say about it.


I’m not using my laptop mic. I’m definitely recording through my USB mic plugged into my M-Audio input device.

I turned off Windows sound enhancements, which helped a little, but I still can’t figure out what I did RIGHT in the beginning, and what I’m doing wrong now?

thanks all