Audio skipping


I am having some issues with the recorded audio skipping. This appears to only happen once, at the 2 second mark, of each recording. This audio “glitch” is not present in the source audio of course.

I have attached a 6 second clip of a well known song, you can clearly hear the “glitch” at the 2 second mark.

Anyone have any idea what may be causing this??

Im running Windows 10 x64 and Audacity v2.2.2

My guess is that you are using WASAPI host to record streaming audio and you have a mismatch of sample rates somewhere.

It is set to “WASAPI” and the Project Rate is set to 44100 HZ
Is this normal?

Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel that the device that you are recording from is also set to 44100 Hz.

that did the trick

the control panel was set slightly higher, at 48000hz. I brought it down to match the 44100, saved the settings, but oddly this had no effect.
bumped audacity up to 48000 and no more skips
strange but it works

thanks :smiley:

If you want to use 44100 Hz (CD standard), check in both the recording and playback settings in the Control Panel and ensure that everything is set to 44100.