Audio signal control advice

I don’t know anything about audio mixing, but I am looking for a simple signal control operation.

In a high quality stereo system, I have two stereo RCA lines; A and B. Sometimes I want one thing playing in A and another thing playing in B, and other times the same thing in both. There are 4 devices I play from. I want to control them in the same place.

What would be the best solution for this, technically speaking?

I will find the right parts to do what I need, but I have no knowledge of how they are named or how they work.

We do similar jobs in our edit suites, the difference being we only have single stereo destinations – the room speakers. We’ve been known to use simple mixers like this one from Mackie…

However, it’s not big enough because it’s only stereo out. Not four-channel or two different stereo outputs.

Still looking.


Here you go. This Mackie Onyx should do it.

Eight stereo inputs and four sub-groups and you can use the subgroups as clean outputs. That would give you Left-Right (stereo) number 1 and Left-Right (stereo) number 2. You can switch any stereo device to any output and in any order.

The problem is finding four output channels – two stereos. That’s not normal.


That’s a full-on production mixer. I’m sure if we looked long enough, we could find a cheaper mixer that does the same thing. The trick is finding an “8” or bigger and a “4” or bigger in the same part number. That’s four stereo input channels and two stereo output channels.

For example, that first mixer is a Mackie 1202. Six stereo inputs and 1 stereo output (divide by two).


Yes, this is for a home stereo.

I’m only looking for a simple home stereo device, I don’t need anything with functionality other than putting my signals in the right place. I need no panning, EQ, reverb, or even level controls.

In fact, I believe what I am looking for can be achieved with 2 knobs.

I do have a new idea, though. Since there are only 2 signals I would use twice, I just need to get a device to split those two signals into four. The rest would just be input switchers, which are easy to get.

Have I got this right:
You have 4 stereo “devices” (such as CD players, Mini-Disk, Tuner, cassette player).
All 4 “devices” have “line level” outputs?
You want to be able to play any two of the devices at the same time through one domestic stereo amplifier?

If so, then one of the cheapest solutions would be buy something like the Sound Lab G105D. It’s an ultra cheap 4 channel stereo mixer. For the price I wouldn’t expect it to sound great, but it would do the job described above.

The only mixers that I’ve found with 4 stereo inputs are either ultra cheap, or very much more expensive with far more features than you want.
One possible product between these two extremes is the “Rolls MX42 Mini Stereo Mixer”. This looks to be a simple passive device (requires no power - it’s basically just 4 stereo 100 k potentiometers mounted in a box, though it may have an isolation transformer). For the asking price I would assume that it is well made with high quality components, though I’ve never actually seen one.

It looks like the Roll MX42 may be a discontinued product, but there’s some info here about the Roll 41B