Audio Scrub

Hi, does Audacity have an audio scrub facility, have looked, but not found.

PS Have done a search and found Audacity does not have scrub, it appears many users would like it, so i will leave my post as a vote for it in the future.

Yes, scrubbing, as anyone who has edited video will tell you, is insanely handy. It’s a very frequently asked question.


No it doesn’t.

However, you can play from any part of the track by clicking on the time-line at the top of the tracks window.
Also you can “loop play” a selection by pressing shift + space
and you can hover you mouse pointer over a track and play the region between the mouse pointer and the nearest edge of a selection by pressing the B key.

I’ve added your vote for “scrubbing” on the Features Request page of the Audacity wiki: Missing features - Audacity Support


There is no “however.”

Play slowly backwards.

I’ll wait.