Audio records in lower pitch

Hi everypone apologies if this has been answered before. Basically having an issue where everything I record is roughly a semitone lower than it should be. I’ve tried a number of things and am pretty sure it’s the interface I’m using to record that’s causing the problem and not Audacity, but would just like some advice if anyone’s encountered this before? Could it be a problem with the laptop I’m using too?

Try changing the [u]Sample Rate[/u] between 44,100 and 48,000 to see if one of those works better than the other. (It shouldn’t make a difference but sometimes it does.)

am pretty sure it’s the interface I’m using to record

Are you using the same interface for recording and playback? Most “audio interfaces” are pretty good but sometimes the clock in a “cheap consumer soundcard” is off and that problem only shows-up if you record and play-back on different hardware. .

This same thing happened to me. Turns out, it was my audio interface, which is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. The solution was simple enough: unplug the USB cable from the interface, count to 5 and plug it back in.