PROBLEM: I have a digital piano accordion with one 1/4" audio out for bass side and one for treble side. I plug each cable into the Behringer Q202 L and R inputs on channel 2. Now I expect bass and treble to appear on separate tracks, so that I can edit them separately, on Audacity 2.1.2. But this does not happen. They appear together even though the input are separate. I also work with a violinist who has a high end audio pickup with a 1/4" out to the Behringer. Same issue; we ant separate tracks even though we are playing together. How do you do this? Thanks for any advice.

we ant separate tracks even though we are playing together.

What happens back at the Behringer? When one performer plays do you get one set of bouncing volume lights, or both?

Are you split left and right at the Behringer headphone connection? If you’re using earbuds or smaller headphones with an 1/8" plug instead of 1/4", you may need an adapter.

One performer should be plugged into the top socket and the other the lower. That’s left and right even though Behringer calls it Channels Two and Three. That’s a manufacturing cheat for how to get the maximum versatility into a small mixer.

If you get it that far, make sure Audacity is recording in stereo.

Make sure COMP-1 is turned all the way down and TO PHONES and TO MAIN MIX are up.

I think you can get Windows 10 to “help you out” here, too. Go into the Windows setup panels and make sure the connection is stereo.