Audio recording new audio track problem

Hi,I’m pretty new on audacity and have a problem. I want to record audio by microphone from books and often stop cut or delete parts and after that try to continue on the same file but whenever i try to continue, a new audio track comes out. The worst one i can not merge these tracks by correct timing. How can i cancel these new tracks? Thanks.

You can continue recording on the same track by pressing Pause and then Pause again to start up again.

In Audacity 1.3.12…

…you can use the Append Record tool, Shift-R. This will make one track longer and longer instead of starting new ones.

You can delete any track by clicking on the little [x] to the left of the blue waves.


It doesn’t let to edit in pause mod, its important to delete some unwanted selected parts at the file. By the way i did not understand Shift-R tool.

It’s much easier to do all the editing when you have finished the complete recording. As you have found out, Audacity doesn’t let you edit when paused.

If you make a mistake, or you have recorded something you want to delete, do the following:

  1. Press P to pause recording.
  2. Press CTRL+M, which will insert a label at the point where you paused.
  3. Type some text in the label and press enter.
  4. Press P again and continue recording. Repeat the last sentence if necessary.
  5. When you have finished recording, export a WAV file as a backup, then go back to the places marked by the labels and delete the parts you don’t want.

Shift+R is used to add sounds to the end of a track you have already recorded.
Normally, if you press the Record button, or press R, Audacity will start to record on a new track. If you press Shift+R instead, it will start recording at the end of the existing track.


Shift+R only works in Audacity 1.3.x
Technus, if you are using the old 1.2.x version of Audacity it is highly recommended that you upgrade to Audacity 1.3.12