Audio quality in clip

Hey guys, I recently recorded a video with Samsung A5 at a rave party, but the bass is too strong and it bothers the general quality of the sound. Can anyone tell me how to fix it or show me some guide or can it be fixed at all?

Thank you soo much in advance!

The simplest way is with the tone control tools.

Import the show to the timeline. Effect > Bass and Treble…

They work like the tone controls on your music system. That should help (I don’t know if they work in real time. It’s kind of a challenge if they don’t).

Audacity is a full production program, so you can go crazy with Effect > Equalization and individually adjust each instrument and tone, but if boomy is the only thing wrong, this should be good.

Nobody is expecting a cellphone to deliver good music. I tried a couple of times and gave up. I always use a separate sound recorder. I know. Now you have to think about it ahead of time.

So if in addition to the boomy bass, you also have pumping or wandering volume and crackly musical tones, you’re stuck with those.