audio programming in C++

I’ve been seeing a few programs out that actually allow musicians to use audio effects for instruments on their computer rather than using pedals.

My goal is to be able to program audio effects on the computer (more specifically, synth and “dirty” noise effects like NIN), and I plan on accomplishing this sometime in the future (no set time). However, I know nothing about audio programming. Does anyone here know any sites that could help me start with audio programming? I’m planning on using the C++ language. Thanks.

C++ is a huge and massively complicated programming language that takes years to learn, and 10+ years to “master”. I’d recommend spending at least a year learning the basics of C++, paying special attention to oop, pointers (in all their forms), RAII, and “best practices for modern C++ programming”. Once you done that, you could start looking at toolkits such as JUCE, QT, WxWidgets, and the audio API’s for the platforms that you want to support.

Hey guys, first of all, sorry for asking my q here; but I think may u guys can help.

I was wondering if it is possible to embed audacity on a web page for recording sounds and automatically saving it to a MySQL database? IS there any way this can be achieved?

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Short answer: No.

Longer answer:
It would require so much modification that it would be easier to write a javascript application from scratch.
Audacity has not been security hardened for use on public networks.