Audio problems

Total newbie here and have only just released two episodes or my new podcast.

My problem is that when I export the project as an mp3 it seems to sound different on various platforms. For example on a laptop, the hosting site or even really quiet on a mobile phone. Sometimes it can even sound a little ‘tinny’. I’m recording on a blue yeti, with a pop filter in a closet full of clothes with gain set to the lowest setting on the mic.

I’ve read loads on how gain, compression, noise reduction (about the only thing I can do!), normalising etc can polish up the recording. But I really have know idea where to begin before I start to record. Could anyone please help with a general guide as what to do before you start recording? I find that as I add my music to recorded audio and then try to normalise/compress then the music becomes far to loud, louder than the audio etc.

Should I set gain before recording? then move onto noise reduction after recording my voice etc? then add music and edit that?

Sorry for so many questions, as you see I have no idea where to begin!

Thank you in advance,


Sorry, my operating system is windows 10 not windows 7.

I’m not sure that we can do anything about that. I can play music on my hi-fi and it will sound awesome - play it on my laptop speakers and it sounds awful. My laptop speakers are rubbish and make everything sound thin and weak, and has nothing to do with the quality of the recording that I’m listening to.

I’ve updated that in your profile, but it’s still helpful that you tell us which version of Audacity / Window in each post. Even if you’ve told us before, it’s impossible to keep track of what everyone is using unless they remind us :wink:

Thank’s for replying.

Before recording, would you recommend that I set the gain in Audacity so that my audio recording doesn’t peak over say -12 DB, to avoid clipping? And then start recording from there?

That’s about right. The recommendation is blue soundwave peaks in the 0.5 range. Set the bouncing sound meter so it just starts changing color. -6dB to -10dB.

Nobody can hear 2dB, so you’re probably fine.

Are you using the Yeti as a USB microphone? You don’t have to. The Yeti Pro has an XLR analog connection.

I ask that because you can get into very serious trouble trying to plug an XLR microphone into a computer.


Thanks for the help!

I only have he Blue Yeti, not the pro :smiley: