Audio problems on mobile device

Hello, I am a relatively new content creator on youtube by the name of TheLunnatic. I have been having a strange problem with audio and have been unable to find any mention of this type of problem anywhere on the net, so I figure I will post around on related forums to see if any audiophiles out there might have an answer.

Me and my partner record pranks and social experiments, and we have developed over 40gb of raw usable footage. I uploaded a good deal of this footage onto google drive, to share with friends and family for a preview of what we’ve been doing. What we discovered when doing this is that the audio will play perfectly fine on any speaker setup (speakers, headphones, etc.) except for the speakers on mobile phones (both androids and iPhones have the same problem). When playing on the speakers of a mobile device, it sounds the same as if I plugged headphones into my surround sound speakers and tried to play through them using 7.1 channels. In other words, there is sound, but it is extremely faint and most of the sound is actually missing. However I have edited the audio format and the channels it’s using in various ways, re-recording the audio through audacity and re-exporting various tests through premier, to no avail. I am rather ignorant of audio formats and audio technology in general, which is why I come here for help.

I am working on 64bit Windows 7, with an AMD processor and graphics card (if that matters). We use an Audiotechnica wireless microphone system, the receiver plugs into a Canon Vixia R500. The receiver plugs into the microphone using a standard 3.5mm jack. We found that a setting within the camera options is the source of the problem, it has an option of AV/Headphones, and it would switch automatically when we plugged our receiver in. We can now record videos that do not have this problem, but we still have a lot of work we have done that is currently flawed and I would greatly like to fix. I have no idea what this audio setting on the camera actually changes. Changing the audio settings during export on Premier does not seem to have changed anything. I could record the sound speaker to microphone, but the quality is lessened and I am unaware of how to improve it.

If anyone has any suggestions or knowledge regarding this kind of problem, I would greatly appreciate your input. I have tried all I know how to try, without much success. Thanks in advance.


It’s not the cellphone. It’s anything with a single speaker.

They’re all stereo shows, right? Two blue waves one above the other when you edit them?

Try this with one of the odd shows. Import it. Use the drop-down menu to the left of the blue waves under the little black arrow > Split Stereo Track.

Select one of the tracks by clicking just above the MUTE button (doesn’t matter which one). Effect > Invert.

Drop-down menu again, Make stereo track.

Try that.

If that is a phase reversal that I think it is, it comes from a bad wiring decision at the beginning. Your system is (was) producing a good, correct left sound but an upside down right sound. Any time you try to listen with one speaker, they cancel.

You can see this on the timeline. Zoom into one of the broken shows’ blue waves and keep zooming until you can see the up and down motion of the waves. I’ll bet the two blue waves are going mostly in opposite directions (attached). That’s wrong.
Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.35.00 PM.png

If that sorts the problem, you can use the Audacity Chains system to batch process a whole bunch of these broken shows while you drink coffee.