Audio Problem

Hi guys,

I downloaded a music track and used Audacity to trim it. I then added the edited track to a video I have on Windows Movie Maker.

The result is fine when I play the vid on my PC or tablet, but when I download it onto a memory stick and try to play it on my Sony TV (latest Bravia model) I get the error message “Audio not supported”.

Anyone got any ideas?


You will need to check the TV manual to find out exactly what audio formats it supports, then export from Audacity in one of those formats.

Just FYI -

The audio format that’s part of the final Audio/Video file will be determined by Movie Maker.

I don’t use Movie Maker so I don’t know what formats you can feed-in or what formats you can get-out. But, typically you’d give your video editor a WAV file (uncompressed) to minimize the number of times the audio gets compressed.

It looks like Movie Maker has a limited number of output-formats (or maybe only one format). If it can’t make a file your TV can play you have a few options.

[u]XMediaRecode[/u] can convert from-to almost any format. But, it’s a powerful tool with lots of options to set-up (or mess-up :wink: ) and you’d be going through “extra” lossy-to-lossy conversions.

Or, there are other video editors. I’m currently using CyberLink Power Director. In the past, I’ve used Corel Video Studio. These sell for around $100 USD, but they are often marked-down. Or, there are some other [u]free audio editors[/u]. But again, there is a learning curve.

Another option is to make a DVD. Anybody with a DVD player can play a DVD! But, free DVD authoring software is not very good. DVDs have a very-particular file structure & format so it takes special software. (Power Director and Video Studio can do it.) You can burn a “regular” audio/video file onto a disc but you’re back in a similar situation with the memory stick where some DVD players can play it and some can’t.