Audio pattern

Ive been recording using audacity… tape in music centre
mic near the speaker … and been getting good results.

Suddenly the sound pattern has changed to this

and Im losing the quality of sound.
the clips I do are mainly speech, I can still get the audio but it is not as sharp and clear as usual
I think you ll agree, the wave pattern above is not right

Wow that’s impressive.
My first guess is that your sound card has just gone belly up.

Nothing changed as far as you’re aware that could relate to the problem?

funny, Im not seeing that pic of audacity I posted …

Just played an audio file and it was ok so the sound card has nt gone

think Ive seen this kind of pattern before but so long ago Ive forgotten about it.

Strange Ive made about 25 audio recordings during the last week with the mic about
12 inches from the music centre speaker and they ve all been great.

Now suddenly this… spose Ill have to start trying a few things… like changeing the mic !

Neither am I now.
I seems that the imageshack file has gone offline.

There’s 2 sides to a sound card, input and output.

It may be worth checking to see if Windows has updated your sound card drivers. If it has, you may be able to “roll back” the drivers to the previous version.
Sorry I’ve not got a definitive solution to the problem.


you ve got to admit, that sound wave is a bit abnormal.

However Ive had another go at recording the audio… about elvis meeting the beatles…
and it still looked a bit wierd on audacity, but it does nt sound too bad on the playback .

I think it is highly unlikely, but to cover all bases, just in case Audacity is screwing up on the graphic rendering, could you post a short audio sample in WAV format and I’ll check it here. See here for how to post an audio sample:

The audio pattern seems to have calmed down a bit now, and the audio recording
does nt seem too bad
just recorded this
go here

If you go to the right hand side, you should be able to listen on line.

I was recording by wire out of the earphone socket of my pioneer music centre
but had a few probs so now Ive got a microphone plugged into my comp and the mic
about 12 inches from my pioneer speaker.

I DARE say Im stuck with mono forever now, but thats ok !

There is clearly still a fault:

JUST BEEN to preferences and moved the sample rate up to 16000
and the bit rate up to 24 bit