Audio Not Working

I loaded the new Audacity and have a Samsung GoMic working with it.
I chose the GoMic under preferences and everything works great, recording and playback, in Audacity.
However, when I then go to listen to an MP3 or other file in either Microsoft Media Player or in iTunes (using an MP3 or music file already loaded in iTunes) no audio works at all. Nothing is muted.
If I unplug the GoMIc and reboot I get all regular audio playback in both programs with no problem. If I plug the GoMic in it works again in Audacity but I lose the audio in the other programs.
What do I do to have audio/playback for everything while the mic is plugged in?


See here:

Thank you for the info.
This helped me correct my problem.
Thanks for not saying “RTFM”.
This software and your support is a great help.