Audio Not Working After Recording: Please Help

So, I’ve been using Audacity for years. I’ve always had the latest versions. Right now, I have the .exe file version 2.1.0 on Windows 10. A few months ago, I purchased a new microphone, complete with headset and pop filter on Amazon (CAD Audio U37 USB Studio Condenser Vocal,Instrument & Recording Microphone With CAD Audio 6" Pop Filter on Gooseneck + CAD Audio MH110 Studio Monitor). It’s been working fabulously on Audacity, until a couple weeks ago. Every time I attempt to record a new track, no sound is heard. I’ve literally tried every combination of devices used for sound capture and audio playback, meaning my computer mic and speakers, and my new set-up. I’ve looked at other forums suggesting to check certain boxes in the preferences, and I did that, but that didn’t work. I don’t have any trouble with audio or mics except in Audacity. I’ve been looking for answers as to how to fix this issue, but unfortunately, to no avail. Previous tracks I’ve recorded don’t even playback sound, unless- and, until I export them outside of the software, including imported audio, such as music I downloaded. Any help I could get, I would be forever grateful for. I use Audacity on a daily basis, and without it, I couldn’t carry on the job I use it for.

Just to cover the obvious first, Audacity checks for new audio devices when it starts. So plug the microphone in, let it settle and then start Audacity. You can also Transport > Rescan…

Do you see the microphone device in the Audacity Device Toolbar?

It doesn’t have to say “CAD.” Unfortunately, there’s no standard way to name the USB devices. My Behringer device arrives as “USB Audio CODEC.”

Another common problem is to actually have blue waves in Audacity and assume you have no show because you can’t hear it. You are, that’s a different problem.

I’ll look it up in a bit, but does the microphone have a little green power (USB) light and is it on? Does the microphone have a place for headphones, and do they work? We’re tracing the sound step by step through the system.

Do you make it that far?


Thanks for the completeness of your posting.