Audio Not Exporting

Hey Guys, Apologies for any faux pas, I’ve never posted on a forum before, so Im not sure of the rules.

When Im recording on audacity, sometimes after I stop recording, the audio is wiped out, so that Im left with an hour and a half of silence. During recording, there are audio waves, so I KNOW that the microphones are being picked up. It’s just when I go to export the audio and save the project that this happens.

My computer is a Mac, operating system is MacOS Sierra 10.12.3. The version of audacity that Im using is 2.1.2. The recording system that I have is two Snowball USB Microphones. I have made a setting in Audio MIDI Setup to have 2 Snowballs be considered one device. When I export the audio, i have it go down to a single mono track.

This setup normally works fine, but this wiping of audio happens frequently enough that Im really frustrated about it. I’ve tried googling around, but I don’t see anything for this specific problem. Any suggestions?

You gave two scenarios when audio is flatlined - when you press Stop and when you export. If you look carefully does the flatline actually occur after Stop, as soon as you interact with the track for example, select something and apply an effect to it?

If the answer to that is yes then presumably some cleanup tool is cleaning your data up for you. If you look at Audacity > Preferences…, Directories section, exactly where is the temp directory located?

If you use the current 2.1.3 from Audacity will choose a safe temp directory for you that should not get cleaned up.

I suppose it is possible one of the mics has reversed polarity or is out of phase, or something in device aggregation is causing incorrect recording. Does it happen with only one mic? Does it happen with two mics if you select one of the channels and Effect > Invert… .?


So, I notice it when I go to export the file. I go to export it, then this error happens, and then it shows that there is no audio. I don’t interact with the file in any way, literally after i press stop, i export it immediately. It happens with both pics in both channels.

You mean that when you export, the waveform in Audacity becomes a flat line?

My previous post has some important information, and contains more questions you could answer which would help us to diagnose the problem better.

How many channels do you record in Audacity? Four mono channels?