Audio not being captured through sound mixer

Having difficulty getting Audacity picking up the microphone audio through a sound mixer.

I’m using a Behringer XENYK Q1202USB mixer with a microphone plugged into the mixer using an XLR cable. The microphone is recognized by the mixer.

The mixer is connected to my computer with a USB cable. Audacity sees the USB Codec microphone. But when I record in Audacity and use the microphone, no audio is captured.

I have tried going into Sounds in the Control Panel and the microphone meter is not registering either. Have tried installing drivers from the mixing board as well onto my laotop but no go.

What am I missing??? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

The microphone is recognized by the mixer

What does “recognized” mean?

Are you seeing activity on the mixer’s meters? When you plug headphones directly into the mixer or connect something to the analog outputs, does it work?