Audio newbie need help. Noisy recording

Hi guys,

I’m sure answer to my problem is available on this forum, however I’m not too familiar with the techy language, in terms of sound, and after a good while of searching and reading I ended up with nothing. Please help a beginner :slight_smile:

Recently I was recording on a Olympus Voice recorder. Unfortunately, as I’m a total noob, I have left it set to LP mode and now the recordings are quite difficult to understand. Is there any way of improving this? Would you suggest a particular work flow to clear it up a bit?

Please have a look at the sample provided. Maybe that would help you how to tackle this problem.

Many thanks for your help in advance!

Sorry it’s not possible to improve that. The voice recorder has made the “best quality” recording that it can with a very small amount of data. To do this it “throws away” the least important data. Unfortunately so much data has been discarded that the remaining data produces sound that is quite difficult to understand. You can’t get back the discarded data because it no longer exists. The sound that you have is the sound of the data that you have. The bad sound quality is simply because too much of the data has been discarded.

Understand. Pity.

But maybe there are some tricks that could even slightly improve the recording and make it more understandable? What would you do having such recording when you’d need to make a script from it. It’s a 3 hours meeting and I need to have this on paper.

I know what you mean. Sometimes it is possible to take a bad recording and make subjective improvement.
I did have a go before pronouncing the cause lost, but failed. I couldn’t make any noticeable improvement at all.