audio monitoring


I’ve searched the discussions here and I can’t find an answer for my needs.
I need an application that performs the following functions:
to record the sound, activating the recording by the noise trigger. I saw that this application has a function similar to my needs, but it creates a single file, and I’m interested in creating one file for each sound trigger.
At the same time, I need each file to have information on the hour, minute and second when the recording took place.
In order for you to understand the context, I need to record the radio conversations from an aeronautical station and it is very important to be able to correctly identify the time at which the said recording was made and additionally, to save as much as possible the volume of stored information, the reason why I want that for each sound activation to create another file.

Can you help me solve this problem?

As you observed, you can use Sound Activated Recording to cause Audacity to start recording at a certain threshold level.

The other features are currently not available. Perhaps you would like to create an Enhancement suggestion for the developers here: Issues · audacity/audacity · GitHub