Audio makes clicking sound/distorts at 28 min. mark

This has happened several times now, but when I record audio using a USB mic, at around the 28 minute mark, the audio begins to get distorted. It gradually gets worse and lasts approximately 10 minutes then goes back to normal.

I’ve attached an example.

Thanks for any help!

What Mac are you using? With a Fusion drive, perhaps?

And what USB mic?

Besides, we’d like you to tell us your version of Audacity and OSX too. Makes our life a little easier :laughing:


Using an Air 10.12.6 OS Sierra ( I don’t know what a Fusion Drive is)

I just record directly into Audacity on the computer. Version 2.1.2

I use two different mics:

AudioTechnica AT2020USB condenser mic
CAD U37 condenser mic

This happened a few times with Wordpad, so I went back to Audacity and it happened again. Again, it’s always right at 28 minute mark and lasts 10 minutes.

Has anyone found a solution to this? Am seeing the same issue whereby a clicking/distortion/echo appears around the 31’ mark, lasts for about 10’ then returns to normal. Since my recording was over an hour, the clicking returns again near the hour mark.

Using Audacity 2.3.0 on Mac OS X 10.11 running on an Air.

Also using the CAD U37 USB to record. Weirdly enough, I don’t see this issue popping up when I use my Audio Technica ATR2100.

I’ve checked other forums and it sounds like it could be the fact that my computer can’t keep up w/ the recording? Moving forward I’ll have to record in chunks but trying to see if anyone knows how to clean up the audio now as I don’t have the option to re-record. Thanks!