Audio loss in the middle of a recording

This is the second time this has happened this week after using Audacity 2.1.2 for almost a year prior with zero issues.

In the middle of recording a long segment Audacity seems to just lose some of the audio and randomly chop little pieces together, sometimes duplicating random chunks. I sync my audio with video and it was all fine until this moment in a recent project, I uploaded a 16 second clip of the chopped up mess to show what I mean:

Does anyone have any ideas about whats going on here? I had 68 gigs of free while recording this and as I said this never happened until just recently but I haven’t updated my operating system in this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated, this particular issue was easily rectified but in other projects I do this would cause hours of work to have to be redone.

I know everyone is going to immediately invite you to Audacity 2.1.3, so I will too. I don’t expect this to solve the problem, but support for earlier versions starts falling apart.

You can get chopping like this if your machine goes into App Nap.

Here’s a message thread we did on that.


Thanks for the reply! I’ve already updated to 2.1.3, and hadn’t heard of “App Nap” before. I’ve disabled it for Audacity and I suppose at this point I need to keep recording and cross my fingers that this doesn’t happen again :confused:

A long test recording doesn’t have to be client sound production. You can set the whole thing up recording a portable radio for two hours — several times.


You don’t even have to listen to it in real time. My iPod will naturally play works at double speed and Audacity has variable playback speed with that green arrow and slider on the bottom row.


Good advice, thanks again!