audio levels

Please help!

I am a voiceover artist who’s been tasked with an editing job which is way out of my capabilities, so forgive my distinct lack of terminology, or abiilty to explain what I need…

I have recorded a voiceover. One voice has a telephone-esque effect on it with street ambience behind it and the other doesn’t have anything. I don’t know how to make the volumes level and I’m going round in circles.

I have been asked to make it peak at -9 and to try and keep the volume up as much as possible but mainly to keep the volume all consistent.

I don’t really know how to do this so I have manually reduced where I can see the wavelength spiking the most, but have been told that it’s still uneven between the two people speaking ( telephone phone is loud and the other person not loud enough) I have it mixed on the same track and so can clearly SEE where it needs fixing but I have manually raised and lowered the spikes to full capacity and so moved on to ‘Amplify’ but I really don’t understand how it works. I am managing to alter the volume on small segments by trial and error but it’s now becoming even more inconsistent.

If there is anyone there who can speak help I would be very grateful


I presume that it is just one audio file with both voices mixed together, rather than an Audacity project with one voice on one track and the other voice on another?


they were recorded at the same time, on the same track in a different studio using pro tools. I’ve imported the wav. files, separated them into two files so I could put the telephone effect on and then mixed them back into the same track. It’s long winded I’m sure, but i’m kind of improvising as best I can

How have you done that? Do you now have one track with one voice and the other track with the other voice?


You can use the Amplify effect to reduce both tracks to a manageable level, like down to -12.0 db (yes - Amplify can be used to reduce volume too). Once that is done you can use the DC Offset Remover and Clip Fix set at default (95% I believe) respectively to correct for any clipping that may have occurred (if not needed the last 2 tools are harmless). Then go back to the Amplify effect and amplify both tracks to their full volume without clipping. You’ll be able to roughly see how much amplification is needed just by viewing the waveform. If necessary, you can use the Hard Limiter to limit the peaks and even out the volume. Using the Hard Limiter can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, but if you get that far and need to use it I’m sure someone here can help with that as well. Good luck to you