Audio Levels go Wonky for no reason, takes hours to fix

I’m working on a file and suddenly all the audio levels jump all over. The only fix I can find is to manually sit there and fix each one of the dozens of tweaks with the envelope tool.

Why does it do this?! How do I get it to stop, this is taking me hours, WTF…

So there have been some similar reports here: Audacity creates an extra Envelope Point when copying a selection to the same track. · Issue #4076 · audacity/audacity · GitHub and Some effects delete Envelope Control Points, or do not move them when timeline changes · Issue #1500 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

You can delete all of the envelope points in your selected tracks by View > Set Extra Menus ON, then Extra > Scriptables I > Set Envelope > and check the both Delete boxes.

Of course, you could do Mix and Render to remove the envelope points, but that would apply them as well.

Make sure you are running the latest version of Audacity, which is currently 3.3.3.

I just deleted all envelope points using what you said and then readjusted audio for the whole track and it’s fixed in like 10 seconds. The bug annoys me for sure, but this fix takes all of 90 seconds for a whole file, which used to take me god knows how long, so this is great, thanks!

Glad to hear this worked for you. :grinning:

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