Audio Length

Hi all - is there any way to compress and audio’s length?

I have a radio show I’ve put together and it’s 1 hour 20 seconds and I want to compress it to 59 minutes 55 seconds (which won’t affect the audio that much over an hour).

I thought I had done it the other day - but I’ve tried to play it again and realised that, to cut down the time, it’s lopped off some of the beginning of the show!!

I really need help for this is you can! Really grateful!


Effect > Change Tempo.

That can cause sound damage. Effect > Change Speed will cause less damage, but the pitch of the performance changes.


I would first try to compress the pauses.
This is less audible. It is available under ‘Effects’, ‘Truncate Silence’. It needs a little bit experimenting to find the right compression ratio and perhaps the threshold. Use it only on spoken passages.